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2005年7月29日 (金)

Comment On SBD 4




医師 田井 祐爾

(Briefly Translated in English. Sorry for bad English;)
More than one month has passed since I started this blog. However, I have not explained the heart of the South Beach Diet. The readers only reading this blog may wonder how different the South Beach Diet is from the Atkins Diet. You may think this diet is similar to the Atkins Diet. This is a big misunderstanding. The philosophy is different. If your concern is only losing weight, of course the Atkins Diet has better results, but who can say this is really healthy. When I introduce the South Beasch Diet as one sentence, I say;

Taking balanced foods to control your craving and live healthy.

This is a change of lifestyle. This is not the diet temporary performed for losing weight. You have to stay on this change for you lifetime. Some people say, "I cannot eat rice anymore." or "I don't want to live without Udon noodle", but these are not a point of our problem. They do not know how the food affect our body. This is a problem. I will explain the philosophy of the South Beach Diet in the future at here. If you want to know quicker, the Japanese edition of the South Beach Diet is available(I have not read the Japanese edition, so probably the translated expression is different. Please let me know if you find any difference), so you should read it and be back to my blog. You would understand better than before. In case you are living near my clinic, you can come to my consultation. Now in japan, the personal expense for the healthcare cost is increasing and it really make us worried. Now it is a time to protect your health by yourself. I hope you can perform this diet to keep your healthy life.

Yuji Tai, M.D.


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