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2005年6月24日 (金)

Comment on SBD 2


(Briefly Translated in English Sorry for misspelling)

I have not focused on the key elements of The South Beach Diet yet. I think that the most readers here are wondering what SBD is. Actually I am not going to explain SBD in the order that makes the readers easily understand the concept. Why not? It is because this Blog is a kind of my self memo of SBD, so the topics here in Japanese are really used for my patients' health guidance. That's why the various topics are really scattered. Be patient to read through the whole comments I post may lead you to perform SBD right way. Get rid of the expensive other diet products. SBD is one of cheap and effective method to own your life. Especially the people who are diagnosed as Hypertension, Hyperglycemia, or Diabetes Millets, even all together such as Metabolic Syndrome will shoulder a burden of pay for those medicine in the future that the government will reduce the badged of health care.


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