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2005年6月23日 (木)

Comment on SBD 1

まず4つの翻訳記事を紹介した。The South Beach Diet(以下SBD)とは、マイアミ大学の循環器専門医のDr. Agatstonが確立した北米で人気のあるダイエット法ですが、炭水化物を制限する食事法のため(これには誤解が含まれている。)、なかなか日本では話題にならない。




私は炭水化物摂取量の多い日本人にこそSBDの実践が必要だと思っていて、これからSBDの啓蒙活動をしていきたいと考えている。どうしても、北米に偏りがちの食事メニューが多い本家のThe South Beach Diet Online[www.southbeachdiet.com/public/default.asp]では、一般の日本人が実践するには難しいと思われるので、私が独断と偏見を交えながら、ここで日本人向けのSBD実践を試みていこうと考えている。本家のDr. Agatstonには今後お知らせする予定である。

(Briefly Translated in English, Sorry for misspelling;)

At first, I introduced four articles from The South Beach Diet Online. This diet was created by Dr. Agatston who is a cardiovascular specialit in the University of Miami Medical School and now it becomes one of the pupular diets in the US. It is based on the carb reduction regime(It has misunderstanding), that's why it has not become a topic in Japan.

However, the truth is that the intake of the carb in the regular Japanese diet rarely steals the spotlight behind the increase of the fat intake. So it makes me worried how people care less about the carb in the daily food.

In Japanese, the ratio of an onset of Diabetic Mellitus(DM) in fat group is higher than its in the same fat size group of Caucasian. It has a reason that the Casucasian has a higher insulin intolerance so that they tend to store more body fat before onset of DM. The Japanese has higher ratio of insulin deficiency so that they can not store much body fat before onset of DM.

That's why SBD is really ideal diet for the Japanese, becasue it prevents blood sugar surge after meal leading high insulin secretion. In fact, I have been incorporated SBD into my outpatient genaral practice and some DM patients could stop insulin self-injection or could reduce the amout of insulin. In addition, weight loss trial also could succeed in many cases. one 70-year-old lady could cut more than 10kg weight off. For myself I performed SBD to loss more than 20kg. I used to have a hypertension problem but now I am in normal scale.

I think SBD is really helpful for a lot Japanese who tend to take a lot carb in the daily meal. I am going to try encouraging other Japanese to perform this diet for their life. The South Beach Diet Online[http://www.southbeachdiet.com/public/default.asp] is really informative, but the information tend to go toward the western life style and it really makes the Japanese hard to follow the steps. So I will modify the steps and give some suggestion here. I will let Dr. Agatston know this site later.


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